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peak bloom

Peak bloom is so bittersweet. It’s the pinnacle of loveliness, but you also know it’s gonna be over soon.

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The old rose border is no more.

Now that I’ve run out of space for plants, my goal in life is to reduce maintenance. So in line with the whole “gardener of good and evil” theme, any plant I’m not happy with gets the axe. In this … Continue reading

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Today’s garden theme…

…is death. Poor doomed snails on the roadway: Poppies being offed before they off everything around them: Killer:

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It’s almost like they suddenly realized they were gonna get yanked out. Go figure.

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A watched thermometer…

After these last few days, I understand why Zen gardens feature raked gravel.

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Today’s Moment Of Zen

Bodai, Buddha, and Hail Mary: And because it’s 5:00 and because I can: tequila, with hail & lemon balm.

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Lending an air of gravitas to the veggie bed…

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