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English rose "Abraham Darby"

My English rose “Abraham Darby” sits in a pot and looks ugly for most of the year. It’s an awkward bush, with long stems jutting out at weird angles, covered by huge thorns. You have to navigate carefully around its … Continue reading

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The Weekend Edition

Here’s a view I’m very pleased with, although the photo doesn’t quite capture the thing that’s causing me to smile. After the weird rose dieback issues I was having last month, all of the roses have put on huge flushes … Continue reading

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Springtime Is For Lovers

Auugh! Freaky bugs! They’re having an orgy all over poor Archduke Charles! Does anyone know what these insects are, and whether I should be worried that they’re really intent on reproducing? They’ve been covering the rose bush for the last … Continue reading

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March Bloom Day…a little late.

I completely forgot about Bloom Day until it was too late to take pictures, so this month’s chronicle is a day late. Compared to the other Austin garden bloggers, my garden still seems brown and sleepy. I completely forget to … Continue reading

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Lookin’ Good

Things are finally beginning to wake up in my garden! Here’s what caught my eye this afternoon. White clover. I know that many people consider this a weed, but I’m fond of it. When I was growing up, my parents’ … Continue reading

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some notes on moving stuff around

Before I get to the plant-moving chronicles, I wanted to post this picture of some weird dieback a few of my roses are getting, and see if anyone knows what’s going on. Take Duchess de Brabante for example– everything seemed … Continue reading

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