wide-shot meme: October 2015

wide shot october 2015

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Morning Mockingbirds

Swapping out the old fountain for a taller one with a shallow basin and more gentle flow has brought all the birds to the yard. I really miss the sound of the old fountain, but this is a tradeoff I’m willing to make.


ETA: I’m entering this picture in the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest.

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Wide-shot meme: September 2015

Taken on the first of the month, posted now. And naturally, it rained that night for the first time since June and I took that golden opportunity to weed the curb while the ground was still softer than concrete and cut back some of that hot mess. I was promptly stung by a scorpion, right through my glove. It still itches.


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wide-shot meme: July 2015



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Full Bloom

It’s a kingdom of leaf-footed bugs up there!


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The Death Lean begins…


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stained glass canna


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