Wide-shot meme: May 2015


agave bloom stalk - May 1, 2015


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2 Responses to Wide-shot meme: May 2015

  1. xericstyle says:

    Oh my….oh my that is sweeeeeet! Your seed planted feather grass….what a great idea that was, Lori!!!!!

    Lookin’ fine!
    Agave bloom 😦 I’m sure you have another lined up? Or….???

    • I do have pups that I need to pot up, but I think I’m gonna do some hardscaping and put in an arbor and gate, and change the location of the step up to accomodate. So I guess I am gonna have to find some filler until that happens! I am really loving watching the bloom spike, though. I saw a hawk sitting on the very top last night!

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