Spring In The Garden

Blush-Noisette gruss-an-aachen jasmine lamb's-quarters larkspur-after-rain larkspur-after-the-rain-2 Louis-Philippe-2 Louis-Philippe raindrops white potato vine (solanum jasminoides) Star-Of-The-Republic-2 violas


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2 Responses to Spring In The Garden

  1. xericstyle says:

    Mmmmmm I can almost smell your rose…
    What is the green-Purple leaf plant???? Pretty!!!

  2. Lamb’s Quarters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chenopodium_album). I got them as a passalong one year, and they’ve reseeded everywhere. The bright pink part actually rubs off! They’re good to eat until the pink disappears, and then they get bitter. I can dig some up for you or save seeds if you’d like to try. They grow like weeds!

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