Wide-shot meme: December 2014

We’ve had a few light freezes since the beginning of November, which put a stop to most of the flowers that were blooming, and today is grey and chilly with a low of 39 tonight. (It’s a very Monday Monday.) This last weekend was some of the most glorious perfect fall weather in Austin, and I spent most of it outside soaking up the sun and enjoying this year’s great fall color. Thanks to the wind today, the trees will be bare depressingly soon.

wide-shot-1 wide-shot-2

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3 Responses to Wide-shot meme: December 2014

  1. And yet, your yard looks awesome – stupid trees and their losing their leaves…

    • Lori says:

      I learned a lot from doing the backyard first, so I made sure that the backbone of the flower moat was evergreen. I prefer to hide from the neighbors year-round. But the back bed against the fence is getting ever-more-boring as the leaves drop, and there are so few options for making full shade interesting, especially if you’re stuck with sandy soil and no irrigation system. Sigh. Maybe I’ll stock up on lawn flamingos and do something seriously weird back there. I am only half-kidding. Well, maybe 60%.

  2. xericstyle says:

    Looks calm…relaxzing….muted…pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your garden!

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