Yucca Gloriosa & White Fragrant Mistflower

Like two ships passing in the night, I almost missed the end of my yucca gloriosa variegata’s first bloom spike overlapping with the first fall flowers on the white fragrant mistflower (eupatorium havanense). A few more days, but the peak of the yucca is past and there’s another month for the mistflower. But what a fabulous combo in this shady corner!



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3 Responses to Yucca Gloriosa & White Fragrant Mistflower

  1. xericstyle says:

    Dynamite combo!!!!!!

    • Lori says:

      Completely unplanned, too! I’ve had that yucca for years and years and years and it’s never bloomed. I’ve been going out there all week to stare at it.

      P.S. Still not over how much I loved your garden!!!

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