Wide-shot meme, August 2014

It’s a jungle out there. I took this picture on July 30, before I weeded out a sea of spurge. The feathergrass that I started from seed last fall are really taking off!


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4 Responses to Wide-shot meme, August 2014

  1. xericstyle says:

    I love your lush front garden! It is wicked!!!!!

    How did you collect your mfgrass seeds?

    • When I was doing my summer cleanup last year, I raked through the clumped-up MX feathergrass with my fingers, and then put all of the clumps of seed in a paper bag (for air circulation) until fall. Then I just teased apart the clumps and spread them on the ground where I wanted feathergrass to come up and then watered them so they’d form a mat and wouldn’t blow away. That was it. They all sprouted in the spring.

      I haven’t had any success with this method on anything other than gravel/DG, and full disclosure: it looks pretty sloppy until the seeds actually germinate and you can pull up the old matted seed clumps, but it’s free and the result is far more naturalistic than buying feathergrass in pots and trying to space them randomly.

  2. The irony is that I forgot to save seed this year and there’s a spot I want to try to fill in in the back. Oh, well. Guess I’ll grow larkspur there instead!

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