Wide-Shot Meme

Heather over at the fantastic Xericstyle suggested we post wide-shots of our front gardens on the first of every month in order to track how they evolve over time. I think this is a fantastic idea, so my pictures are below:




The view from the street isn’t too bad, but I am not brave enough to even think of showing what the back garden looks like right now!

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6 Responses to Wide-Shot Meme

  1. xericstyle says:

    LOOOOVE! You have some serious privacy there, Lori. Your spikies look lovely in the front. Thank you for joining in~!

  2. Pam/Digging says:

    You’ve made a secret garden of your front entry, with a very cool streetscape garden to give to the neighborhood — very nice! And those big agaves are always a treat for the eyes.

  3. Becc says:

    that’s a very inviting entry!

  4. Jenny says:

    A street scene like this at the end of our horribly dry summer is a pleasure to see. Privacy is something that few front gardens have.

  5. I just love your garden! It’s looking great, despite the lack of rain.

  6. I love the wide angle view, it really captures the lushness of your plantings. I really enjoy the detail.

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