Inside Austin Gardens Tour: The Carolyn and Michael Williams Garden

The Inside Austin Gardens tour is this Saturday, October 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I was treated to a pre-tour with a bunch of other bloggers, so y’all have an idea of what you’re in for. Find out more about the tour, including talks that will be given at each garden, here:

The Carolyn and Michael Williams garden can be best described as a heritage garden. Every single thing in the garden has some kind of history behind it. The plants tend to be passalongs from friends and family or somehow significant in Texas history, and much of the stone for the gorgeous garden cottage came from a building project for a Texas family I got the feeling I should recognize. Michael did an amazing job on all of the stone work, which really gives the garden a framework. It’s a very quiet-feeling garden to me, the sort of place you sit and contemplate, and I really love how it’s about that sense of connection to history, family, and place.

Sadly, I was shocked to go through my pictures and discover that somehow I didn’t take a single one of the outside of the garden cottage. I must have been too busy staring at it. It was a dream of a cottage, with a big front porch, cedar posts, the whole thing faced with native stone. Inside features a comfy seating area and a large potting table and sink, and even a fabulously practical drain in the middle of the floor. I did, however, take a picture of a picture of how the cottage looked before all of the improvements, go figure.


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