Inside Austin Gardense Tour: the Ann & Robin Matthews Garden

The Inside Austin Gardens tour is this Saturday, October 20, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I was treated to a pre-tour with a bunch of other bloggers, so y’all have an idea of what you’re in for. Find out more about the tour, including talks that will be given at each garden, here:

The Ann and Robin Matthews garden is a really fun garden. My first impression was that these people really know how to enjoy their yard. Their design is very playful, while at the same time utilizing many xeric and water conservation techniques, including a rainwater collection system right in the front yard, which I never would have even noticed if there hadn’t been a large sign pointing it out. There are many comfortable seating areas in all parts of the yard, and I imagine that because of this, this is a property where the entire thing gets enjoyed. I loved the sunny front yard table and chairs, painted to pick up the colors of the blue mistflower and contrast with the bright yellow esperanza.

Another highlight for me was the large collection of pictures by date showing the evolution of the garden from a standard St. Augustine lawn to the lawnless, flower-filled landscape you see today. I am a sucker for a good before-and-after. (Which is why I am no longer allowed to watch HGTV. It gets me in trouble.)

And don’t miss the garden shed/greenhouse. It looks like it could be a fabulous DIY project, and I am filled with envy!


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