June sunflowers

The state of my backyard at this point is pathetic, crispy, and not to be shared, but thanks to the native Texas sunflowers I’ve let run rampant, my front yard is a lovely cheerful place right now.

I hereby declare my “flower moat” front bed design a raging success. Thanks to the 7′ sunflowers, you can’t see most of the front porch from the street, which makes the porch a fabulous private place to hang out when it’s not a hundred degrees (say, around 7 AM).

The sunflowers also work fabulously with my low-water cactus, yucca, and agaves. I haven’t watered any of the sunflowers that aren’t coming up in beds with thirstier plants, and they still look great.

And in our daily dose of randomness, this dude cat here showed up on my front porch a while back and began his campaign to be let into my house to luxuriate in our air conditioning and abundant supply of cat food. Sad to say, I already have 2 cats (who hate each other) and 3 dogs in my house, and the damn ark is full! Dude Cat refuses to be dissuaded, and now that we’ve gotten used to stopping him from sneaking in like a ninja whenever we open the door, he is now on Week 2 of refusing to leave my front yard. He followed me around and almost tripped me countless times as I tried to take pictures, but consented to sit still a moment for this one:

Hopefully he will find and transfer his obsession to some other house with cat lovers and AC who will cater to his every whim.

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6 Responses to June sunflowers

  1. Sheryl says:

    My sunflowers are going nuts in my yard too, despite lack of water. They are so cheerful!

  2. It looks lovely! And I’m with you, sunflowers right now can’t be beat. The birds thank you, too. Hmm, Dude Cat sure looks cute and comfy at your house. . .

  3. I just love, love, love sunflowers. Your front yard just smiles with sunshine!

  4. Bob Pool says:

    Wait until you see the sunflower gate I’m building for Texas Natives Nursery. I’ll post on it when I get it installed. It looks good but not as good as your front yard.

  5. Diana says:

    Love the sunflowers, and that they make a lovely, natural screen for the front porch – sweet. And I have to say, Dude looks pretty cute to me…, no, not that way — I don’t want a cat, I think you should let him in … just cool off a little, just once or twice…maybe more…until he worms his way into your heart! Just sayin’!

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