Inside Austin Gardens tour preview: Rebecca Matthews’ garden

This is my favorite spot in Rebecca Matthews’ south Austin garden:

Check out those fabulous hanging pots! The cozy corner! The pop of pattern in matching colors on the throw pillows! It comes together perfectly. Not to mention that this spot has a great view of the front yard garden.

Here is my second-favorite spot in Rebecca Matthews’ garden:

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme. If there was one lesson I took away from this garden, it was the importance of cozy seating areas so you actually stop, take a few, and enjoy being alive. I plopped my grumpy so-not-a-morning-person self down in one of these chairs with some much-needed caffeine and chilled out with the perfect view to watch everyone else walk around, chatting and taking pictures, watched the birds in the trees, etc. If I were Rebecca, I’d be out there every morning. (And props to her for winning the bulk item pickup lottery with these totally awesome funky, comfy chairs, WOW!)

From a design perspective, in a garden like this one where the understory plantings are still filling in, seating areas double nicely as focal points. Rebecca’s a master of using bright colors to draw the eye. This looks like a fabulous place to chill out and read on a nice day:

I also really loved the outdoor chandelier and how chandelier beads were strung to define the space of this outdoor dining room:

I really liked how there were so many rooms and views defined by seating areas. I would love to see how this garden evolves over the next few years as the new beds and plantings fill in. I think it’s gonna be fabulous.

To find out more about tomorrow’s Inside Austin Gardens tour, check out the TCMG tour page here.

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