rose "Gruss An Aachen"

Just before sunrise. In this heat, the rose is blown by afternoon.


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7 Responses to rose "Gruss An Aachen"

  1. vertie says:

    Beautiful photo and flower! I’ve been meaning to ask you as the rose expert, What should I be doing now to the new roses I planted in the spring other than water and hope they stay alive? Fertilize? Which kind? (I prefer organic). Thanks!

  2. My roses look pretty bad and have holes all over the leaves – I envy your foliage, Lori! Does your Gruss An Aachen still have a fragrance in the heat? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Carol says:

    A very beautiful picture of a beautiful rose.

  4. Lori says:

    Vertie – Thanks! I haven’t been gung-ho about fertilizing in this heat, but I did dump a bucketful of John’s Recipe organic fertilizer on each of my roses about six weeks ago. More is probably overdue. The rule of thumb I’ve read about watering is that every rose needs at least a gallon of water every week in the summer, so that’s what I’ve been doing, a little more for some of the new roses that I planted late this spring. One other thing I’ve learned is to make sure that you don’t get the leaves wet in the afternoon when the sun is out– they’ll fry and look terrible.Annie in Austin – Some of my roses look awful, but that’s because I threw freshly-ground mulch on them and it burned the leaves to crisps. Oops? Gruss An Aachen hasn’t had much of a fragrance for me, ever, but I’ve been out there taking pictures of it early in the morning (this rose is the most photogenic rose in my yard!), and once or twice it’s had a bit of a sweet scent, but nothing much to write home about. It seems like most of the spectacularly fragrant roses are too big for my yard!Carol – Thank you! I have so many pictures of this rose that it’s ridiculous. And I blame MSS, since I got this rose after I saw one of her pictures of it and fell for the delicate petal coloring. Would you believe that in this heat, the blooms are dirty white and ready to fall by three in the afternoon?

  5. I thought I commented on this fabulous rose yesterday but must have done something wrong. This rose is utter perfection. Like a frilly petticoat.jenny

  6. Star says:

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  7. Thanks for the post, pretty worthwhile info.

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