More pictures of winter ornamental grasses and foliage…

note: posted 3/22/08 for archival purposes

These are pictures from pretty much every area of the flower beds, including the ugly parts, since this is a learning experience:

My most recent re-design. I moved a leggy “Belinda’s Dream” rose into more sun and planted bamboo muhly and pink abutilon against the fence for fast height and evergreen interest, and in front of those, an anacacho orchid tree for spring flowers and an “Adagio” miscanthus to spill over the edge of the raised bed. This section is in filtered shade from the mesquite most of the year:

I like the variety of colors and textures in this view:

Messy. I’ve since moved a few things around and added a Pink Double Knockout that will hopefully be able to take a little shade:

The rose section. Trained up the fence is “Maggie,” a found rose. In front and to the left of “Maggie” is “Belinda’s Dream.” And in front of “Belinda’s Dream” is the bourbon “Souvenir de la Malmaison.” The lindheimer muhly to the right of the picture has since been moved out of its way.

This is, hands-down, my least favorite section of the garden, made more problematic by buried cables that limit my plant choices. I’d also like to add a pergola in front of the back gate to the left of the picture, so I’m waiting to see how far that will extend into the bed before I move anything around. But still, it’s a lousy view from the side yard. Sigh:


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